The Top 7 Electric Motorcycles Worth Buying

With the rapid development of the EV industry, a new kind of electric motorcycle has emerged. However, many riders may think that EV motorcycles are weak compared to conventional motorcycles because they lack the familiar grunt when they open the throttle wide.

In reality, their torque, power, performance and range are the exact opposite. Despite the price increase upon purchase, you may want to consider an electric model because of the post-purchase savings and environmental benefits. In the market for a new motorcycle? Here are seven of the best electric motorcycles you can buy in 2022.

1. Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire

Harley-Davidson needs no introduction. Known for its build quality and performance, it is the most recognizable motorcycle on the road today. The name alone gives many reasons to consider purchasing an E-bike or electric motorcycle. Harley has maintained its quality standards with its first entry into EV motorcycles with the 549-pound LiveWire.

LiveWire’s design combines the best of Harley’s old Buell with its slimmer street rods, making for a great looking bike. Plus, the LiveWire is the most powerful bike Harley has ever produced. Riding this bike is a pleasure, thanks to the comfortable ergonomic saddle design and precise handling on the road. The LiveWire engine is one of the best you can get. It has a powerful 15.5 kW battery to blast this bike from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds.

The DC fast charge only takes 40 minutes from 0 to 80%. A conservative ride will get you 146 miles on a single charge, while a day on the track or attacking back roads or twisty mountain turns will get you about 95 miles.

With a top speed of 95 mph and a price tag of $22,799, this premium bike is extremely well built with excellent suspension and balance. It also comes in three cool colors: Harley’s Liquid Black, Horizon White, and Nebula Red.

2. Zero SR

Zero is no stranger to electric motorcycles. One of the newest additions to its line is the Zero SR, which can be considered a jack of all trades and one of the best EVs to own in 2023. The SR does everything right and is a great value for the price. A great option for new and experienced riders, it offers the perfect balance of power, aesthetics, handling and performance.

The Zero SR features a low-maintenance, all-electric powertrain with an all-new Z-FORCE 15.6+ lithium-ion battery, producing 166 Nm of torque and a top speed of 104 mph, weighs just 489 pounds and can cover 327 miles with an optimal charge time of 84 minutes.

According to Zero, the SR comes with effortless connectivity to its Cypher III+ operating system. Additionally, Cypher III+ unlocks performance customization through the Cypher Store on the Zero app, where critical upgrades to performance (speed and torque), charging speed and capacity, turn-by-turn navigation, and others can be purchased upon request.

Through its intuitive next-generation app and dashboard interface, the SR offers a range of riding modes that allow riders to customize the bike’s performance. Several riding modes are preloaded on the SR, including Rain, Eco, Standard, Sport and Canyon, and riders can customize their riding modes to suit their needs.

In addition, it features Bosch Advanced Motorcycle Stability Control, turn-by-turn GPS navigation and accelerated charging speed.

3. Energica Ego

It was a given that at some point sport bikes would be incorporated into EV motorcycles. Their lightweight chassis and powerful EV motors make them a perfect match for raising the bar in the sportbike and superbike space. Energica has carved out a niche by being the first company to focus solely on track-ready superbikes.

The top spec Ego RS is one of the best compared to other electric motorcycles. With a battery of 126 kW, it has a torque of 215 Nm. The RS can produce no less than 136 hp and is powered from 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds. The bike is intended for adults and people with sufficient skill to handle such a monster.

energy claims on its website that aside from its impressive power, the bike weighs just 573 pounds and also has some cool rider-friendly features. Among which:

  • 480×272 TFT color display, integrated GPS receiver with the ability to view the nearest charging stations when connected to the MYEnergica app
  • A vehicle control unit that implements an adaptive power and power management algorithm on multiple maps manages the vehicle
  • Traction control with six intervention levels combined with the existing eABS and Bosch ABS
  • Cruise control 420 mile range Bluetooth connectivity
  • A sleek ergonomic design
  • Top speed of 149 mph

4. Brutus V9

If you’re looking for a more classic ride, look no further than the Brutus V9. The 784-pound V9 resembles the old choppers of yesteryear and is simply beautiful. This vintage-inspired brute has an AC35 125 horsepower electric motor that delivers an incredible 277 foot-pounds of torque.

The V9 has a top speed of 115 mph and is one of the spec’s with the longest range, with a range of about 280 miles on a single charge. A long-haul electric bike like this one is the ultimate choice for those who want a comfortable state-to-state or cross-country ride.

The price for the Brutus V9 is somewhere around $32,000.

5. Energica Eva Ribelle (RS)

Energica’s Eva Ribelle (RS) is a beautiful motorcycle that costs $28,800. It is the naked version of the Ego+ and is claimed to be the only electric hypernaked on the market. according to his energy, this e-fighter can be recharged in one hour via DC fast charging and uses an EMCE motor and inverter that share a liquid cooling system. This makes the design simpler, low-maintenance and more energy-efficient. In addition, its low weight and low center of gravity make it manoeuvrable.

The engine produces 169 hp and 215 Nm of torque. With a maximum range of 461 miles and a top speed of 124 mph, this motorcycle offers excellent performance, not to mention a 0 to 60 time of 2.8 seconds. In addition, the Eva Ribelle is available in two colors, standard red and black, and the Italian-inspired Tricolor.

Other features include:

  • Cobo, 4.3″ WQVGA 480×272 TFT 16.7 million colors Display
  • integrated GPS reception
  • Six levels of braking intervention combined with the existing eABS and Bosch ABS
  • Advanced cruise control system that uses the electronic brake to maintain speed and increase braking energy

6. Lightning LS-218

The 495-pound LS-218 is blazing fast, as the name implies. With a blistering top speed of 250 mph, Lightning’s LS-218 is a true superbike. It currently holds the record as the fastest street-legal electric motorcycle in the world. It is the most recognizable motorcycle on Lightning’s roster.

The top-spec LS-218 is known for durability and power, with a 380V, 20kW battery that produces an insane 200 horsepower and 168 foot-pounds of torque. It can travel 160 to 180 miles on a single 120-minute charge, depending on usage. As the first electric bike to challenge and win its gasoline superbike counterparts, Lightning’s LS-218 is truly built for speed.

7. Johammers J1 200

Manufactured in Austria, the Johammer J1 200 uses innovative energy technology for a futuristic design that is crazy, strange and beautiful. Weighing in at 390 pounds, the super-light J1 200 can cruise 200 miles on a single charge of approximately 3.5 hours.

According to Johammer’s website, the electric motor and controller are integrated into the rear wheel and require no maintenance. Johammer claims that no other manufacturer can offer such mobility. Integrated shock absorbers and battery packs are mounted in a torsionally rigid aluminum main frame.

Weight, stability and function are all in perfect harmony, creating a bike with great handling and an almost perfect ride. The J1 200 costs $24,940 and has a top speed of 75 mph. A unique feature of the J1 200 is the high-resolution displays embedded in the side mirrors, which offer the same details as a center display.

Instead of looking down and taking your eyes off the road and surrounding hazards, safe distance, odometer and other pertinent information can now be accessed with a simple glance in the side mirrors.

Book a test drive first to find the best electric motorcycle for you

Riders looking for an eco-friendly motorcycle with power and performance should consider electric motorcycles. There are so many great options on the market that it can be difficult to choose the right one. The opportunity to test drive one of these bikes will give you the confidence that you are making the right choice when choosing an electric motorcycle.

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