The X-Men’s enemies are turning Cyclops into a martyr (again)

The X-Men’s latest and greatest adversaries are ready to do Cyclops into something he is very familiar with: a martyr. As revealed earlier this year at New York Comic-Con, when soliciting summaries of Marvel’s upcoming roster X Men comics extending into next year, Cyclops will face the worst mutant test since Magneto’s.

amazing avengers #3 – by Gerry Duggan, Emilio Laiso, Morry Hollowell, VC’s Travis Lanham, Tom Muller and Jay Bowen – has already begun to launch the “Cyclops Test”, which promises to be a fundamental element of the Fall of the House of X story, which will end the illustrious Krakoan era of mutants.

In the last Amazing Avengers, you?After watching the tide of mutant rights turn in their favor, Feilong and Dr. Stasis, leaders of Orchis, declare that they will need a trial to turn things in their favor. and with Cyclops in her custody, it’s clear what awaits her.

Uncanny Avengers is a fundamental “Fall Of X” title

Orchis, an anti-mutant organization, has become the most surprising threat to mutants the X-Men have ever faced. Orchis has collectively wiped out a large margin of the mutant population in one fell swoop at the Hellfire Gala, while also turning the majority of humanity against the mutants. However, his plans hit a roadblock. amazing avengers #3, after an inspiring pro-mutant speech from Captain America. The issue sees two of Orchis’ leaders, industrialist Feilong and Mr. Sinister clone Dr. Stasis, deciding that perhaps what they need to get the trajectory of their plan back on track is a public trial.

These moments in amazing avengers The number 3 represents critical steps forward in the current overall X narrative. According to previously published solicitations, readers already know that Orchis will settle on Cyclops, or Prisoner 10 as he is currently known, as his martyr. once again marking Scott Summers as the man who will die for mutants. During the “Inhumans vs. X-Men” arc, Cyclops destroyed a Terrigen cloud that had claimed the lives of mutants. The Inhumans considered this an act of war and effectively killed the Cyclops. Cyclops would eventually return from the dead, but now once again faces his demise at the hands of his people’s enemies.

The martyrdom of the Cyclops could signal the end of the Krakoan era

Black Bolt kills Cyclops in

Cyclops’ name change to Prisoner 10 – or Prisoner X – has heralded a further reinvention of the Cyclops character for a post-Krakoan era. Being put on trial could serve as another means of finding out who Cyclops is, while also truly defining the end of X Men It was Krakoan. As the leader of the X-Men and therefore the face of mutants, Cyclops being tried on a public platform and potentially executed will only harm the way humans view mutants. If Orchis can convince the public that the face of the mutants in Cyclops into a monster, they can make people think the same about mutants as a whole.

amazing avengers #3 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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