‘They’re literally cheating us’: Customer weighs Kroger groceries to prove they’re getting less food

'They're literally cheating us': Customer weighs Kroger groceries to prove


Kroger is once again embroiled in controversy over its allegedly problematic business practices after a customer filmed himself weighing his product, claiming it weighs less than advertised on the label.

The video was posted to TikTok by Liz (@sasqueen210) and currently has over 3 million views. In it, she registers herself using two different scales to weigh a Kroger’s crumbled blue cheese cup. “Dude, what’s going on here, okay, seriously? It says it’s 4 ounces, and I knew it felt way too light, and here it is,” she says as she places the blue cheese cup on the scale. Both of her scales show that the product weighs about 2.5 grams, although the weight advertised on the package is 4 grams.

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The video soon sparked discussion as users took to the comment section to express their outrage: “They are literally cheating us left and right and getting away with it,” said one commenter.

Another commenter suggested that customers should take legal action: “They are misleading us all. This could be a class action lawsuit,” they said.

One commenter tried to explain why the discrepancy occurred: “It is a 4oz capacity container, not a 4oz volume”. This response prompted Liz to post a TikTok sequel.

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In the TikTok, she shields herself green over a page of a publication done by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and explains that customers do not pay for the volume of the packaging, but for the net quantity, excluding the packaging and other tare material. ‘So if you’re paying for the tare, stop it! And report it,” she says.

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contacted Liz via TikTok comments and Kroger via press email.