‘This is Din Djarin’s show, it will always be Din Djarin’s show’: Bo-Katan actress addresses fan complaints after The Mandalorian season 3

Bo-Katan Kryze actress Katee Sackhoff has addressed complaints about the change. The Mandalorian Season 3 seemingly moves away from Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin and his perspective on live action. Star Wars The future of the television show is positive. The Mandalorian Season 3 covers the recovery of Mandalore, a massive undertaking that expands the show’s scope in a way that far exceeds Din and Grogu’s own adventures together. Bo-Katan takes the opportunity to step into the spotlight as the destined ruler of Mandalore, a decision that has only added fuel to the fire of viewers wanting more for Din and his adopted son. After months of complaints and theories about Bo-Katan’s takeover The MandalorianSackhoff is finally easing viewers’ concerns.

In an interview with directSackhoff is quick to state that there was never any intention on the part of the creators or the actors to change the focus of The Mandalorian from Din to Bo-Katan. She attributes such beliefs to the love that people have for Star Wars and the freedom it encourages to create new stories. Still, Sackhoff is clear that any speculation about Bo-Katan taking over The Mandalorian is “disinformation“.

No. I think there will always be a lot of speculation in this fandom. You know, I think it’s one of the reasons why people love this fandom so much. And they love this universe so much that it often allows enough ambiguity for people to interpret things the way they want to interpret them. And from that there’s the potential for a lot of misinformation or just, you know, wishful thinking to come out.

Sackhoff remains candid about the need to tell Bo-Katan’s story, specifically reclaiming Mandalore, but insists the show belongs to Din. He also states his personal belief that the story was never intended to take anything away from Din, no matter how it may have seemed to viewers. Sackhoff ends with a lighthearted joke about how she and Pascal have no influence over who runs the show, following Pascal’s words in another interview about how he was content with Sackhoff being the center of attention.

And I think in this situation, I think it was necessary to tell the story of the Mandalorians and the story of Bo-Katan, I don’t think in any way that she was taking money from Din. [Djarin’s] story, nor was that ever the intention. And you know, Pedro and I are not in charge of who leads the show. [laughs]. This is the Din Djarin show, it will always be the Din Djarin show.

The Mandalorian is still Din Djarin’s show (and season 4 will prove it)

The Mandalorian It’s always been Din’s show and moving forward, The Mandalorian Season 4 will surely focus all its attention on him again. Now that Mandalore has been claimed, Bo-Katan and the Mandalorian homeworld can be important players in Din’s story without having to be the central focus. The Mandalorian The season 3 finale has clearly established Din and Grogu’s adventures hunting Imperials for Captain Carson Teva as the heart of The Mandalorian season 4, now that Bo-Katan’s current story and arc has come to an end.

“This is the Din Djarin show, it will always be the Din Djarin show.”

The Mandalorian Season 4 also has to do the job of leading up to the next climactic cinematic event of this era of Dave Filoni, in which both the New Republic and the Imperial Remnants will play a major role. Focusing on Din and Grogu becoming even more involved in such a conflict will lead to this movie much more smoothly than any strong focus on Mandalore. There is no doubt, then, that Sackhoff’s positive outlook on the future of The Mandalorian will pay off in season 4.

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