“This isn’t Starbucks. You don’t just press a button and the coffee comes out’: employee shares bad job interview with local coffee shop

“This isn't Starbucks. You don't just press a button and


The debate between Starbucks quality and local coffee shop coffee has been going on for years. From engineering to specially roasted beans, baristas pride themselves on a good cup of joe.

In a viral video, TikToker Brady Hoffman (@bradyhoffman313) shared his experience with a barista who clearly has strong views on the debate.

“This isn’t Starbucks. You don’t just push a button and the coffee comes out,” the barista told Hoffman.


Catch me at your local coffee shop with espresso

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Hoffman explains that he had a job interview at a local coffee shop and it went “extremely well.” Hw then reveals that he was joking.

“Catch me at your local coffee shop with espresso,” the caption said.

During the conversation, the interviewer asked Hoffman if he had worked in a coffee shop before. He hasn’t, but instead listed his previous experience in other jobs, including work on horse ranches, landscaping, and as a dental assistant. Hoffman applied because he needed some extra cash and has experience in fast-paced environments.

“He was like, ‘well, we don’t really hire baristas who don’t have experience,'” Hoffman recalls. “I was like okay, how am I supposed to get the experience if you don’t hire me for the position and train me for the position?”

The interviewer is said to have told Hoffman that “baristas are the equivalent of chefs.”

“Be really fucking,” Hoffman says. “No shade for baristas, but be real damn…I was like, ‘I know how to load an espresso puck and brew espresso.'”

At this point, the conversation took a turn when the interviewer told Hoffman that the coffee shop wasn’t Starbucks—as if that were an easier job. Hoffman says he doesn’t like the barista’s attitude.

“That’s when I liked to freak out and say ‘it’s coffee! It’s bloody coffee!'” he snaps. “I make mixed drinks to go to the club that are way more complicated than a damn latte.”

The interviewer then told Hoffman it wouldn’t work, and he agreed before hanging up the phone.

In the comment section, viewers agreed with Hoffman and shared their feelings about the job market.

“No bffr because I was a barista for about 8 months and trust me they are not like cooks like no shade, it’s hard to learn but not that deep,” commented one user.

“‘Baristas are the equivalent of an interesting take on chefs,’ said another.

“Literally like ‘all these jobs are being hired,’ but nobody will actually hire you,” commented a third user.

The News All Day contacted Hoffman via a direct message on Instagram.

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