Tim Allen has an emotional and comprehensive story idea for Toy Story 5

Tim Allen has an emotional idea for toy story 5The plot that would bring toy history full circle. Allen has signed on to reprise his role as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the fifth installment of Pixar’s beloved. toy story series. The series follows a group of sentient toys, led by Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz, as they navigate being Andy’s toys and then finding new owners and purpose in their lives.

Although toy story 4 had what seemed like a definitive ending, Allen has an idea of ​​how the story can continue. In an interview with The movie foolAllen revealed what his dream is toy story 5 what the movie would look like.

His idea is quite emotional and unique, as it would be the first film told from Andy’s perspective instead of that of the toys. Typically, the movies follow the toys who work hard to be Andy’s toys, giving him everything he needs or finding a new owner when necessary. However, this would turn the tables, see Andy fighting to get his toys back, and open the door to future films featuring Andy’s children. See Allen’s statement below:

This is really improvised. I was very excited yesterday because a guy – I went to have a coffee at a very small coffee shop that he grinds himself – asked me the same question yesterday… I don’t know if that’s where the story comes from. is happening, but what if the entire story was through Andy as an adult? [He] has kids, and they happen to be online and the kid says, ‘Have you ever seen this toy?’ and Andy sees that Buzz is missing a hand and they’re selling these old toys. And Andy goes and picks up all the toys. He has to go out and find each one of them and put them back together, bring them to his house and start all over again with his son. And I said, ‘What a wonderful idea, it’s all through Andy’s eyes because we [the toys] he made his life and now he is returning that favor.

What could be the story of Toy Story 5?

Allen emphasized that his idea of toy story 5 It was just an idea and there is no confirmation that the film would take this course of action. However, it’s interesting because it’s an idea that would work after the end of toy story 4. Making another movie is going to be complicated because the last one ended with Woody deciding to become a “Lost Toy” along with Bo Peep (Annie Potts), while the other toys were reunited with Bonnie (Madeleine McGraw). With the toys divided and each one seeming to find their purpose, they will have a hard time getting together for another outing.

toy story 4Producers previously said the film marked the end of Woody’s arc. However, there is still a chance for other characters’ stories to continue.

Allen’s idea suggests a significant time jump that will see Andy go from being a college student to being a father. It’s not too far-fetched to think that toys age into vintage toys at this point. Other fan theories have also suggested that Andy will return for toy story 5, though none provided as easy a path for this to happen as Allen did. Other popular theories are that the toys could find themselves with a new owner or in a new location or that the film could follow the adventures of Woody’s lost toy.

Some viewers even want Sid (Erik Thomas von Detten) to return toy story 5. After all, one can’t help but wonder what happened to him after he learned that toys could talk. Another popular theory is that toy story 5 It will move away from Woody and Buzz and delve into other toy stories. However, with Allen’s return and Hanks’ possible return, both leads will likely appear in some capacity. In short, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to close the circle with toy story 5 and emotionally address Andy’s adult life.

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