Tom Brady to take on Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes: Here’s how he fared against the star QB’s


The “Godfather” movie franchise came out half a century ago. One of the famous rules – “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” – applies to Tom Brady today. I wonder if he circled weeks 3 and 4 on the calendar when he didn’t retire, as he is scheduled to face rivals Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes in consecutive matches, a series of matchups that would have everyone salivating. That may be especially true for Brady. No one can touch his GOAT status, but this could be his last chance to bolster his bragging rights about his contemporaries, two quarterbacks consistently named in the “best QB in the league” debates.

QB royalty

Before we get to Brady’s dominance in this rivalry, let’s enjoy the fact that the three most decorated quarterbacks in today’s game are about to go head to head.

Brady, Rodgers and Mahomes are the only three active players in the league with an NFL MVP and Super Bowl ring. No one falls off either: they’ve won four of the last five MVP awards in the league. They also own three of the top four touchdown-to-interception ratios of all time. There are many superstar QBs in the game today, but this trio is 1-2-3 in touchdown passes since Mahomes became the Chiefs starter in 2018.

You may have heard that they also etched their names in the history books:

  • Brady is the NFL’s all-time leader in championship wins (7), Super Bowl MVPs (5), games won (245), touchdown passes (626) and passing yards (84,922), among a billion other records.

  • Rodgers is arguably the most efficient QB of all time, with the best touchdown-to-interception ratio ever, while second in MVPs (4) behind Peyton Manning.

  • Mahomes has the highest passer rating in league history and is the youngest QB to win the Super Bowl MVP.

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Bottom line. They might go down in history as three of the best quarterbacks ever and they all tango in the next two weeks. Brace yourself!

Brady’s bragging rights

This creates an almost unprecedented QB double dip. It will be the second time in NFL history that a QB with an MVP and Super Bowl MVP has started consecutive games against an MVP and Super Bowl MVP QB.

And wouldn’t you know, the other case involved the same trio in the exact same order, the last time they all played against each other. In the 2020 postseason, Brady and the Buccaneers defeated Rodgers and Co. in the NFC Championship Game, followed by Mahomes and the Chiefs.

You should imagine that both of them are about to get revenge on Brady. You may recall Rodgers not having his hands on the ball when it mattered most in the 2020 NFC Championship Game. The Packers chose to kick a field goal with about two minutes left in fourth place, eight points behind, instead of putting the ball in the hands of the league MVP. Green Bay, of course, never got the ball back. The following week, Mahomes seemingly ran for his life on every game in the worst beatdown of his career. He recorded the worst passer rating, and what was the biggest loss of his career (31-9) in that Super Bowl at the time.

The great thing about both wins for Brady: He bolstered his own trophy cabinet while denying both his counterparts a second ring. He is now actually 3-0 in the playoffs against Rodgers and Mahomes. He defeated Mahomes in the 2018 AFC Championship Game en route to his sixth ring. So every time he faces these two in the playoffs, he also hoists the Lombardi trophy. And the kicker, in true Brady fashion, all three wins came as an underdog.

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Brady’s general resume against the pair makes him one of the few. Between the regular season and the playoffs, 30 quarterbacks have started a game against both Rodgers and Mahomes. Guess who is the only one with a winning record against both? TB12 of course. He is 3-1 against Rodgers and 3-2 against Mahomes.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Brady has as many rings in his 40s as Rodgers and Mahomes in their combined careers (two).

Brady vs. Rodgers: Round 5

Rodgers gets the first crack on TB12 on Sunday. Perhaps all he has on Brady is MVPs, including the last laugh. He won his fourth in 2021, beating Brady in the vote 39-10.

They also have a lot of mutual respect for each other. Rodgers was asked about the challenge Brady faces after Green Bay’s win over the Bears on Sunday “Clearly Tommy is a legend.” Brady returned the respect on his podcast, Let’s go!. “They have one of the best quarterbacks of all time in Aaron leading them.”

Together, their seven MVP awards equal the most ever in a quarterback matchup. Each of the previous three matchups involved Peyton Manning against Brady or Rodgers.

QB matchups with 7 NFL MVP awards

  • 2022: Aaron Rodgers (4) v Tom Brady (3)

  • 2015: Tom Brady (2) v Peyton Manning (5)

  • 2015: Aaron Rodgers (2) v Peyton Manning (5)

  • 2014: Peyton Manning (5) v Tom Brady (2)

Like most things, when they go head to head, the advantage is Brady. He has better grades in every major category. Rodgers’ only win came in their first match-up in 2014, a Packers’ 26-21 win at Green Bay. There’s a lot at stake on Sunday as both teams go head-to-head in a potential NFC Championship preview.

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Brady vs. Rodgers: by the numbers












Passer rating



Brady vs. Mahomes: round 6

While Brady and Rodgers will meet for the fifth time, the rivalry between Brady and Mahomes will even surpass that with matchup No. 6 next week. Both players have filled the stats in these games, but Brady has the all-important 3-2 advantage in the win column, including a stellar win in Super Bowl LV after most expected Brady’s torch to go to Mahomes. Mahomes even gets the chance to see the series in Week 4 in their last potential encounter.

Brady vs. Mahomes: by the numbers






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Passer rating 92.2 95.6

chasing Brady

When Brady finally decides to retire, Rodgers and Mahomes may still be chasing his ghost. Mahomes is clearly the biggest threat to Brady’s records of all time, but neither is out of reach.

  • Assuming Brady continues his career pace but also retires after this season, he would finish with 656 passing TDs and 88,981 passing yards.

  • Including 2022, Rodgers would have to play six more seasons, up to age 44, to reach those points.

  • Mahomes would have to play 12 more seasons, up to age 38, to reach those points, both of which are achievable.

Sign me up for everything! The quarterback debates, the stories, the hype, the speculative record talk, and the games themselves.

It’s an offer I can’t refuse.