Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries from Famous Horror Movies

While many horror movies tell complete stories, there are many others that have left great mysteries unsolved. It’s not uncommon for horror movies to end on cliffhangers that never pay off because they’re not expanded upon with sequels, nor is it surprising for them to have plot twists that, more often than not, just make the story more confusing. . Even in franchises with many sequels, such as Hallowe’en and Friday the 13thThere are several unsolved mysteries that no sequel, prequel, remake, or expanded medium has taken the time to address.

In many cases, unsolved mysteries in horror films are the result of events that happen before the film begins and are not explored, with the characters only dealing with the consequences of these. In other movies, the big mysteries have to do with the origins of the villains, which in many cases adds to what makes them so terrifying. While some of these mysteries in horror movies can still be solved at some point, either in sequels or if the creators come clean about it, there are many that can no longer be answered, giving way to theories that seek to offer an explanation.

10 Why did the birds go crazy in the birds?

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 horror classic The birds follows Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren), who upon arriving in Bodega Bay, notices that the birds (of all types) are acting strangely. The birds suddenly start attacking and killing people., and Melanie and company have to find a way to get out of the city and get to safety. However, throughout The birdsNo reason is given why the birds became violent and deadly, but it has been theorized that it was the result of some chemical, algae, or something more abstract, such as the birds wanting revenge on humans.

9 What happens to Martin in the slaughter of a sacred deer?

Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos

Barry Keoghan eats spaghetti in The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The killing of a sacred deer is the story of Steven Murphy (Colin Farrell), a cardiac surgeon who spends time with 16-year-old Martin Lang (Barry Keoghan), whose father was a patient of Steven’s and died years earlier. Things get awkward when Steven meets Martin’s mother and Martin demands more attention, and it is later revealed that Martin has a very sinister plan: to “even things out” for his father’s death, Steven must now kill your wife, daughter or son within a period of time. few days or all will die after being paralyzed, refusing to eat and bleeding from the eyes.

Martin was right, and the Murphys begin to suffer from all this and Steven is forced to kill one of them. The great mystery in The killing of a sacred deer is how martin made all that happenimplying that he had powers or cast some sort of curse, but exactly how he did it is unknown.

8 Who is Billy in Black Christmas?

Directed by Bob Clark

Billy peeking out in Black Christmas 1974.

black christmas It follows a group of sorority sisters who, during the Christmas season, begin receiving threatening phone calls from a mysterious stalker, who then begins killing the young women. The big turn in black christmas The murderer is hiding inside the house, but It is never explained who exactly Billy is.. The murderer’s face is not shown either, only his eye is shown as he observes his victims. He is completely unaware of why Billy attacks the girls, where he comes from and who he really is, making him a terrifying presence in black christmas.

The 2006 black christmas The new version gave Billy a whole history of abuse and violence.

7 What happened to the Engel family at the end of Krampus?

Directed by Michael Dougherty

A young man opening his gifts at Krampus

Krampus follows the dysfunctional Engel family, who, after Max (Emjay Anthony) loses his Christmas spirit due to family disputes, unleashes the wrath of the demonic beast Krampus, known for punishing naughty children on Christmas. After Krampus attacks the family and kills many of them, Max apologizes to him and offers himself as a sacrifice, but Krampus still throws him into a pit of fire.

Max then wakes up in his bed on Christmas to find his family alive and well downstairs, but when he unwraps a gift that is revealed to be Krampus’ bauble, the family slowly remembers what happened and His house is shown to be inside a snow globe. as part of the Krampus collection. It is unclear if this is hell or purgatory and why Krampus kept his victims in snowballs.

6 Where are the Bird Box monsters from?

Directed by Susanne Bier

Sandra Bullock blindfolded on a boat in Bird Box

Based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Josh Malerman, bird box It centers on Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock), a pregnant woman who, along with others, goes to great lengths to protect herself and her unborn child from mysterious and monstrous entities that cause people to commit suicide whenever they meet them. they watch. bird box It doesn’t explain where the creatures come from. and only focuses on the consequences of their presence on Earth, and although the mystery of their origin makes them more terrifying, it is the biggest unsolved mystery of the film.

bird box got a spin-off sequel in Spanish titled Barcelona bird boxstreaming on Netflix.

5 Is the witch in the Blair Witch Project real?

Directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez.

Heather Donahue in the woods in The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project It follows three film students, Heather, Mike and Josh, as they head into the Black Hills forest near Burkittsville, Maryland, to film a documentary about the local myth of the Blair Witch. Once there, they quickly experience strange occurrences, such as getting lost in the woods, sticks breaking at night, children’s laughter heard at night, and stick figures hanging from the trees around their tents. The first of the group to disappear is Josh, and at the end of The Blair Witch ProjectMike is seen standing in a corner facing the wall as Heather is taken over by an invisible force.

Aside from the mystery of what really happened to Heather, Mike and Josh, there is the big question of whether the blair witch was real or notas it could have all been in their heads or it could have been another paranormal event that led to their disappearances.

4 What is the origin of the entity that follows?

Directed by David Robert Mitchell

Maika Monroe in a pool in It Follows.

Go on is the story of Jay Height (Maika Monroe), who after a sexual encounter with her then-boyfriend, is pursued by a supernatural entity. This entity can take the appearance of any person and can only be seen by those affected by the “curse”, and if it catches the person, it kills them and passes on to whoever passed the curse on.

To make it even worse, the entity cannot be killed or defeated, and those affected can only gain extra time by having sexual relations with more people to transmit it. While it is clear what the entity represents, within the world of Go on It is unknown where the entity comes from, what it really wants, and how the curse began.

3 Is Bludworth The Grim Reaper in Final Destination?

Directed by James Wong

Final fate William Bludworth in the morgue

Final destination follows Alex Browning (Devon Sawa), who cheats Death after a premonition of a catastrophic plane explosion, but Death then begins to claim the lives of those who were meant to die on the plane. Sneaking into a funeral home to examine the body of his friend, Alex and Clear (Ali Larter) meet mortician William Bludworth (Tony Todd), who tells them about Death’s plan. Bludworth returned in final destination 2 and Final Destination 5, where he continued to share his knowledge about death and offer advice. Due to his sinister presence, It has been speculated that Bludworth is either Death or the Grim Reaper.but it has neither been confirmed nor denied.

Tony Todd will reportedly reprise his role as William Bludworth in final destination 6that may finally put an end to this mystery.

2 What did Anna whisper at the end of Martyrs?

Directed by Pascal Laugier

Bloody woman looking scared in Mártires.

Martyrs It follows Anna Assaoui (Morjana Alaoui), who, in an attempt to rescue a tortured woman, is captured by a secret society led by a woman known as Mademoiselle (Catherine Bégin). This secret society seeks to discover the secrets of the afterlife through the creation of “martyrs”, for which they capture young women and subject them to all types of torture. Anna reaches the “final stage” and survives being skinned alive, and while she is in a state of “ecstasy”, she whispers something in the ear of Mademoiselle, who then commits suicide. Martyrs does not reveal what Anna whispered to MademoiselleSo there are different theories about it, such as Anna saying that heaven exists or that there is no afterlife.

1 Who was infected at the end of the matter?

Directed by John Carpenter

Kurt Russell as MacReady in The Thing.

The thing It follows a group of American researchers in Antarctica who encounter the creature of the title, an extraterrestrial life form that assimilates and imitates other organisms. This creates paranoia, fear, and uncertainty among the group, as they no longer know who is human and who is the “thing.” At the end of The thingSurvivors RJ MacReady (Kurt Russell) and Childs (Keith David) sit and share a bottle of Scotch, leaving it open to audience interpretation. which of them was human and which was the “thing”. The popular “eyeshine” theory has been debunked by Carpenter, who claims to be the only one who knows who the “thing” is in the end, and it doesn’t look like he’ll ever share the truth.

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