Wait, Ganondorf has a last name in The Legend Of Zelda?

Although the King of Evil is generally known only by the name Ganondorf (or Ganon), The legend of ZeldaIn fact, the most famous antagonist has a last name. He Zelda The series is packed with history, but not every aspect of Hyrule is explained in the games themselves. From time to time, people must turn to related material and other similar sources to get all the answers, sources that (among other things) reveal Ganondorf’s full name.

While Ganondorf has often been depicted as a Gerudo after his original appearance in Ocarina of timehis alternate form as the demonic Ganon has been part of the Zelda franchise since the original game. Although defeated time and time again, Ganondorf seems almost immortal as he constantly returns to torment Hyrule once again. Of course, this is due to the Death Curse, which ensures that peace in Hyrule will never last forever. But as popular as a character like Ganondorf is, it’s still possible for a lot of facts about him to go unnoticed if they’re not directly referenced in the games.

Ganondorf’s full name appears only in supplementary material

Ganon’s backstory as Ganondorf was first detailed in A link to the past, which described him as the leader of a gang of thieves who managed to claim the Triforce. According to the same game manual, His full name is actually Ganondorf Dragmire.fact that is confirmed as canon in the official document. Zelda website glossary. Interestingly, the same manual also reveals that Ganondorf uses an alias, Mandrag Ganon, which is said to mean “Enchanted Thieves Ganon” and presumably then inspires his inhuman persona’s own name. However, the names “Dragmire” and “Mandrag“It never actually appears in A link to the pastnor in any other Zelda game.

Most Hyrule Last Names Are a Mystery

Surnames do not usually appear in The legend of Zelda, the most notable example of this being Link. If the hero ever had a last name, it has never been revealed. On the other hand, the royal family that rules Hyrule explicitly shares the kingdom’s name, as with Breath of the wildKing Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule. BELOW He also makes Riju label his diary as belonging to “Makeela Riju,”, but it is not clear whether Makeela is Riju’s real name, her last name, or even the Gerudo word for Boss (although it is worth noting that Ganondorf’s name suggests that the Gerudo follow the typical Western naming order).

Ganondorf Dragmire is an intimidating name, which can easily bring to mind the image of fearsome dragons or treacherous swamps. As a result, it’s a perfect surname for the King of Evil. In that sense, it’s strange that it hasn’t been used in an official game yet, since it only exists in supplementary material. That said, since most of Hyrule seems to ignore last names, perhaps this simply coincides with the culture of the fantasy realm. In any case, Ganondorf’s full name is an interesting story and may yet appear in a remake. He llegend of zelda game.

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