WATCH: Aaron Judge fools everyone at Yankee Stadium, including the camera, when he just misses the #61 home run


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The New York Yankees defeated the rival Boston Red Sox 5-4 in 10 innings on Thursday night in the Bronx to secure their place in the postseason. An inning before that, though, everyone in the stadium and watching at home thought the Yankees won the game on a historic walk-off homer. That’s because slugger Aaron Judge came within yards of hitting his 61st home run of the season—a home run that would have tied Roger Maris’ American League and franchise record for home runs in a season.

This wasn’t one of those wish casting cases where he humps the ball to the shallow end of the grass, and those who don’t know how to look at the outfielder rather than at the ball, gasp and roar in anticipation. No, this looked, felt and sounded like an old fashioned Judge blast, with the result that we were all fooled for a few tense seconds. Also fooled? The poor, worked up, pressured Fox cameraman. Have a look:

Incoming was a 2-2, 95.8 mph fastball from reliever Matt Barnes, and going out was a 210 mph wreck traveling 404 feet in a layer of cool, thick night air that did Judge no favors. Also the cause of No. 61 didn’t help that it hit the deepest part of the margin – now all together. It was only at the last minute that we, and the cameraman, realized that the ball would somehow lose its energy at the last minute and fall into Enrique Hernández’s glove right in front of the wall. When Judge lies in it like that, it has a predestined meaning, especially if it has a weight of 61. Rarely does anyone say something like he couldn’t get enough when the batter of note is 6-foot-7, 282-pound Aaron Judge, but we finally said that on Thursday night. Rather than write one of the most memorable and significant home runs in the annals of memorable and significant home runs, Judge ended up with one of the most mind-boggling F8s in the annals of mind-boggling F8s.

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The good news for Judge and those who want to see him keep his appointment with history is that he thinks he has enough chances to 62 . To hit and then a little. All of us – fans, writers and cameramen – are sure to be there with our dangerous assumptions in tow.