WATCH: Penn State To Sell Chad Powers T-Shirts With Proceeds Going To Walk-Ons


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Chad Powers is the latest quarterback phenomenon to excite fans of the Penn State football program. Sure, he can’t play for the Nittany Lions for a moment because he’s Eli Manning’s alter ego, but the show is still cashing in on his popularity.

In a recent episode of Eli’s placesManning used long hair, a mustache and a fake nose to disguise himself as Chad Powers and train during the Penn State walk-on tryouts. The video went viral and Powers has become an online sensation.

Now Penn State sells T-shirts with an image of Powers and his now viral quote: “Think fast, run fast.” Plus, $15 from each sale will benefit the team’s walk-on players.

Penn State is also hosting a Powers-inspired 40-yard dash competition for Saturday’s game against Central Michigan. If fans beat Powers’ time of 5.49 seconds, they’ll get a free “Think fast, run fast” shirt.

The Chad Powers part was such a success that some television studios are already trying to make a show around the character. According to a report from TMZ Sports, Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions Was “Flooded” With Requests To Make A Chad Powers Show.

At least one concept resembled Ted Lasso, a series about an American football coach who is hired to run an English football club. For now, Powers remains an urban legend in Penn State.

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