What happened to Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, after season six of The Crown?

Netflix The crown Season 6 includes Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, as an influential force in Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed’s relationship, but the real Al-Fayed continued to live a full life after the couple’s deaths. The crown Season 6, Part 1 focuses on the days leading up to the fatal car accident that killed Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed. For much of that time, Dodi’s father, Mahomed Al-Fayed, was uniting his son and the royals. While entertaining, this is one of the least accurate parts of Diana’s death in The crown season 6.

In one of the most moving moments of The crown, Mohamed Al-Fayed reflects on his actions and his relationship with his son. Watching the scene in which Al-Fayed apologizes to the ghost of his son is heartbreaking. The real Al-Fayed probably experienced the same pain and struggle like his fictional counterpart, minus the ghost. This leads to the question of what he did and how he changed afterwards. The crownThe tragedy.

Mohamed Al-Fayed bought Princess Diana’s former boarding school and founded the new school in West Health after her death

Al-Fayed Memorial to Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed

At the end of The crown Season 6, Part 1, Mohamed Al-Fayed struggles to cope with the death of his son and Princess Diana. In real life, Al-Fayed found a way to honor his memory. On the day of Diana and Dodi’s deaths, Diana’s former boarding school, West Heath School in Sevenoaks in Kent, closed due to insurmountable debt. Less than a year after the fatal accident, Mohamed Al-Fayed bid £2.5m for the former royal boarding school. He then spent another £660,000 renovating the school (via bbc news).

This institution now serves children with social, emotional and mental support needs. She worked with the school’s first principal to create an environment that served children who would otherwise be left behind in the education system (via western health school). This is a beautiful tribute to the Princess of Wales, who participated in multiple philanthropic initiatives aimed at young people. Additionally, Al-Fayed’s actions pay tribute to her son Dodi, who attended multiple prestigious educational institutions.

Mohamed Al-Fayed claimed that the deaths of Diana and Dodi were the result of a conspiracy

Al Fayed’s numerous conspiracy theories about the fatal car accident

Throughout The crownIn , Mohamed Al-Fayed is shown manipulating his son Dodi into a relationship with Diana, Princess of Wales. Instead of confronting his father, Dodi tells her over the phone that he and the princess have reached an agreement, implying that they are engaged. This leads Mohamed to claim, after the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi, that the two were planning to marry. This story, mostly fictional, The crown Season 6 references real-life conspiracy theory claims made by Mohamed Al-Fayed after the tragic accident.

After the death of Diana and Dodi, Mohamed began claiming that the British Royal Family conspired to murder the couple.. Al-Fayed’s claims, as described in the Operation page query report, were extraordinarily elaborate and complex. Al-Fayed claimed that Diana, Princess of Wales, was engaged to her child and pregnant with him. In theory, the British Royal Family found out about this because M16, the CIA and the NSA monitored the Princess’s phone calls. The father claimed that the government could not bear the idea of ​​an Arab-Egyptian man being the stepfather of the future king, so they plotted to kill Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. Mohamed Al-Fayed’s claims get even stranger from there.

Al-Fayed claimed that the driver was not drinking – a fact confirmed in the Operation Paget investigation – and that someone changed his blood. He said someone deleted all the video footage of the car chase. Furthermore, according to Mohamed Al-Fayed, Princess Diana did not receive adequate medical care so that she died along with Dodi Al-Fayed’s baby. These are just some of the conspiracy theory claims that Mohamed Al-Fayed believed. The Operation Paget investigation completely discredited Al-Fayed’s claims, but he maintained his beliefs about the deaths for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, in giving credence to some of Al-Fayed’s claims, The crown makes it easier to believe the rest.

What happened to Mohamed Al-Fayed’s investments and businesses before his death in 2023?

Al-Fayed sold many of his businesses

Mohamed Al-Fayed (Salim Daw) sits on a throne as he looks on angrily in season 6 of The Crown.

The crown aptly describes Mohamed Al-Fayed as a wealthy man with exceptional business skills, giving him recognition among upper-class circles. Before Mohamed Al-Fayed’s death in August 2023, the business magnate sold many of his acquisitions. In 2010, he made £1.5bn selling department store Harrods to Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, which had a huge impact on the retail world. Al-Fayed also sold Fulham Football Club for $300 million to American auto parts billionaire Shahid Khan.

Al-Fayed still owned the Ritz Paris at the time of his death.probably a sentimental investment since Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed ate there before they died (via World Water Day). At the time of his death, Mohamed Al-Fayed had a net worth estimated at $2 billion, according to parade.

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