What was Bill going to say to Darby in a murder at the end of the world?

What Bill was about to say to Darby before he went to his room in episode 1 remains one of the biggest mysteries afterwards. A murder at the end of the worldThe first two episodes. In its episode 1, A murder at the end of the world begins slowly by initially introducing its main characters and their possible narrative connections to each other. To give viewers a glimpse into Darby and Bill’s relationship, the episode also goes through a segment of their backstory, explaining what led to their separation. However, once Darby arrives at the central retreat, the episode takes its first big twist by revealing how Bill has also been invited to the place.

Although initially surprised, Darby tries to get closer to Bill by going for a walk with him. After some initial banter about their previous relationship, Bill gets serious and tells Darby that he needs to tell her something. When Darby refuses to come near him and listen, Bill goes to his room. Moments later, before A murder at the end of the worldEpisode 1 ends with Bill being murdered by an unknown killer, establishing that Bill’s unknown message to Darby could have been a crucial piece in the puzzle that could solve the mystery of his murder.

Bill’s unspoken words to Darby will likely reveal who his killer is

When Bill asks Darby to come up to him so he can tell him something, Darby doesn’t take it too seriously and tries to resist by joking about it. Bill responds that she scares him and then returns to her room. Bill’s serious demeanor in the episode 1 scene suggests that she had something important to tell him, and the fact that she asked him to come up to him to say it could mean that she wanted to make sure no one else could hear them. While it’s difficult to speculate what Bill meant based on the details provided in episodes 1 and 2, it seems likely that he knew something about the retreat organizers that most of the other guests didn’t.

The first episodes of A murder at the end of the world establish that Bill and Lee have a history. This could mean that Lee might have told him something about her ulterior motives for inviting guests to the retreat. While it remains to be seen what Lee really wants, Lee probably started questioning Bill after Darby showed up and suspected that he would tell her about his secret plan. Therefore, before Bill could do that, she murdered him. She later went to her room to make sure she was not hiding any evidence that would reveal the details of her final plan. If Bill had revealed Lee’s plan to Darby, Darby would have suspected Lee from the beginning.

The above is just a theory based on the details provided in A murder at the end of the worldEpisodes 1 and 2 of

Did Bill know that Darby would be at the Iceland retreat?

Emma Corrin as Darby Hart and Harris Dickinson as Bill in Murder at the End of the World

When Darby first saw Bill during the welcome dinner at A murder at the end of the worldIn episode 1, she was so shocked that she started choking on her food. Bill, on the other hand, barely reacted after sitting across the table from her. This alone establishes that Bill probably knew that Darby was invited to the Iceland retreat. Since Bill was close friends with Lee anyway, she must have told him who Darby was inviting to the retreat. It’s also possible that Bill had already told her everything about Darby, which convinced her to invite her to the meeting. However, if the above theory is true and Lee has ulterior motives, why would she invite a detective to the retreat?

What Bill’s Revelation to Darby Might Have Been

Emma Corrin as Darby and Brit Marling as Lee Andersen in Murder at the End of the World

In A murder at the end of the worldIn episode 1, Andy Ronson proudly acknowledges the people he invited to the retreat and belittles the ones Lee invited by stating that he has no idea what they are doing there. This seems to suggest that Lee has ulterior motives that not even Andy knows about. Lee’s guest list also includes people who are the antithesis of Ronson’s. For example, while Ronson invited pioneers in artificial intelligence and robotics like Lui Mei and Oliver, Lee called on activists like Bill and Rohan. While only time will tell how these narrative threads will ultimately intersect, Lee could be planning to take down her husband’s empire.

He should have initially told Bill about his plan because Bill was also against technology. However, when he began to suspect whose side he was on after Darby’s arrival, he decided to get him out of the way. Realizing that Darby could be a threat, Lee is probably trying to trick her into believing that Andy or someone on her guest list is responsible for Bill’s murder. The real reason Lee might be doing this is A murder at the end of the world It remains a mystery, but it could have something to do with his past, given that his enemies had used artificial intelligence technology to tarnish his online reputation.

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