What will Fernanda Flores do in 2023? (Did she break up with the boxer Noel?)

Fernanda Flores 90 day fiancé has achieved several milestones this year. The 25-year-old Mexican became known in 2018 when she debuted on the program alongside Jonathan Rivera. She seemed very compatible with the man and she even married him that same year. Unfortunately, their relationship worsened due to personal differences and alleged cheating scandals. Fernanda divorced Jonathan in March 2019, a few months after getting married. She went on to focus on her career and began to thrive as a social media influencer. The young she gained 450,000 followers in a few years.

Although Fernanda failed to find love with Jonathan, she did not lose hope. Instead, she tried her luck again and appeared in 90 days: the single life season 1. The young woman dated Robby in the spin-off and seemed to have a great connection. However, she sensed the warning signs beforehand and realized that her new love interest was too pretentious. In 2021, Ella Fernanda ruined her story by posting photos with German-American professional boxer Noel “Gevor” Mikaelian. She revealed that she was pursuing the athlete, best known for winning numerous WBC titles.

Fernanda renews her hair

The year 2023 has been fantastic for Fernanda, on a personal and professional level. Not only did she launch her new Mexican cuisine brand, but she also achieved much success in her modeling career and she maintained a successful workout routine with her boyfriend, Noel. In September, Fernando posted a video getting a new hair makeover. She opted for a voluminous hairstyle with a mid-length part, which complemented her face. Fernanda’s new makeover received a lot of love from both her co-stars and her fans. However, the only person who didn’t like the post was Noel, sparking breakup rumors.

Fernanda has not published about Noel since May

People have asked why Fernando He hasn’t posted with Noel for months. The last video of the Mexican model with the boxer came in May 2023 and showed the two in an intense training session. first 90 day fiancé star captioned her post, “our kind of couples therapy” stating that he was achieving the “#couplegoals.” Fernanda has not shared anything with Noel in recent months but still has some of his photos and photographs. In comparison, Noel deleted everything related to Fernanda from her profile and she hasn’t liked her posts since August.

Are Fernanda and Noel still together?

Fernanda and Christmas They’ve left enough clues to suggest that they’re done with each other. In September, the boxer posted a video titled in Peace,” her first post in months that Fernanda didn’t like. She was perhaps hinting at their breakup and hinting that she was much happier after the breakup. Fernanda has been posting a lot from Mexico, suggesting that she no longer lives with Noel. The couple has yet to publicly address the relationship situation. However, they still follow each other on Instagram and respond to 90 day fiancé fans about other things.

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