‘What would you do if I asked for 75 cookies now?’: Crumbl Cookies customer asks employees for 75 cookies at closing time, sparking discussion

'What would you do if I asked for 75 cookies


In a viral TikTok video, a customer pranks the employees of Crumbl Cookies by asking them for 75 cookies at closing time.

The viral video, which has 1.7 million views and was posted by Sean Ward (@visionairedon), shows the TikToker walking to a Crumbl Cookies location and explaining that the store will close in 10 minutes, but he’s about to walk in and ask for 75 cookies “and see what they say.”

@visionairedon her face #iftheynastytellme💯😂 ♬ original sound – ChefDon

Anyone who has worked in the hospitality or retail industry knows how annoying it is when a customer walks through the doors just before closing time and feels entitled to service, despite arriving exactly when employees should. leave. Luckily this time it was just a joke.

Sean then walks into the Crumbl Cookies store, goes to the counter and asks the cashier, “What would you do if I asked for 75 cookies right now?” The woman behind the register seems to be deep in thought about the question and takes a few deep breaths as if she wants to say something, but doesn’t.

Sean then asks a second employee the same question, but she seems to understand that he is not serious and takes the request more lightly. “What would you do if I asked for 75 cookies right now,” Sean repeats.

Without missing a beat, the second employee replies, “I’d tell you to leave.” She gestures to the door. The TikToker laughs at its spicy comeback. The prank ends there and the Crumbl employees are supposedly left to close the cookie shop at their normal closing time.

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Viewers who responded to the post were amused, but some also spoke up for the employees of Crumbl Cookies and their right to refuse service so close to closing time.

“If someone said this to me, I would cry,” said one user.

However, most viewers understood that it was just a joke and saw the humor in the reactions of the two employees.

“The first girl was ready, but she was going to hate her life,” wrote another.

But there were also viewers who accused Crumbl Cookies employees of being “lazy” and said they made a mistake by not fulfilling Sean’s order, even though it was close to the store’s official closing time.

“I’m sorry, but refusing the money for those 75 cookies is insane,” claimed another.


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contacted Sean via email and Instagram direct message and Crumbl Cookies via email.