Which Google Nest speaker should you buy for your smart home?

When you’re building a smart home it’s essential to get a hub for it once you’ve added a few smart accessories. That’s because you wouldn’t normally be carrying your phone around the house all the time.

By having a smart hub, you can control your smart devices even if you left your smartphone in your room. However, there are four options available if you are using Google Home.

So which smart Google hub should you get?

Google Nest Mini

If you’re on a budget and don’t need anything fancy, the Google Nest Mini is the best smart Google hub you can choose. It delivers powerful audio through its single 40mm driver with excellent quality for most users (but not audiophiles).

After you set up the Google Nest Mini with your Google Home account, you can also use it as your Google Assistant. You can do a lot of things with just the Google Nest Mini. In addition to controlling your smart devices, you can also use it to play music, listen to the news, record notes, add schedules, and ask general questions. You can even make calls directly from Google Duo and Zoom with it if you’ve set it up before.

And if you can afford two of these smart speakers, you can set them up as a stereo pair. This makes it perfect if you want to play music in a large room with the Google Nest Mini. You can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker, so you can enjoy louder, higher quality sound while watching a movie on your tablet or smartphone.

Google Nest audio

Those who are picky about their audio and willing to spend more for it should opt for the Google Nest Audio. While this unit still can’t compete with audiophile-quality speakers, the 75mm woofer and 19mm tweeter deliver richer bass and sharper highs than the Nest Mini.

Other than that, Nest Audio is just a larger version of the Nest Mini. But despite its larger volume, it still has a smaller footprint than its more affordable sibling due to its shape. Unlike the latter, however, you can’t hang the Nest Audio on the wall as there’s no cutout in the back for hanging.

Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub delivers the full smart hub experience by letting you control your smart home on its 7-inch touchscreen display. Besides being able to vocally control your smart home, you can see the actual status of your home on the screen and more.

It has a homepage with contextual information depending on the time of day. And aside from playing Spotify, you can also watch YouTube and Netflix on it, play games, leave family notes and even track your sleep without the need for a portable device or camera.

If you want a central command center for your smart home in your bedroom, the Google Nest Hub is the best option. It’s also great for small families, especially since you can use the smart display to leave notes for everyone and even have audio conversations with family members directly from the screen via Google Duo.

You can also pair it with your Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell to see who’s at the door and check the area around your home. This makes it an excellent deal if you want to build a visual control hub for your smart home that you can safely place anywhere.

Google Nest Hub Max

If you’re looking for a smart screen that doubles as a small TV, go for the Google Nest Hub Max. Because of the 10-inch screen, dual 18mm 10-watt tweeters and 75mm 30-watt woofer, it would work well as an instructional and entertainment device. And since it has a 127-degree 6.5-megapixel wide camera, you can also use this smart display for video calls.

So whether you enjoy following a recipe while cooking, talking to mom while doing the dishes, or watching YouTube while you snack, the Google Nest Hub Max will meet all your needs. You can also use the Nest Hub Max’s built-in camera for indoor security, giving you peace of mind.

It also uses Face Match technology to provide personalized content to the user. So whoever sets up the device, all registered family members get information that is relevant to them.

All these features make the Google Nest Hub Max perfect for the kitchen or dining room. Since almost every member of the family frequents these spaces, this smart display hub will best suit everyone’s needs in those rooms.

Which Google Nest should you have?

The Google Nest Mini is more than enough for your needs if you live in a small studio or one-room apartment. It controls your smart devices, serves as a Bluetooth speaker and answers your questions. At $49, it’s the most affordable of the bunch and the perfect access to smart hubs.

But if you can spare $6 more, go for the $54.99 Google Nest Hub. The 7-inch display increases the usability of the smart hub exponentially, allowing you to do more with it. The slightly larger speaker also provides a better listening experience. And with its camera-less sleep tracking feature, you can safely place it next to your bed to monitor your sleep quality without worrying about your privacy.

The Google Nest Audio, priced at $99.99, is the last smart hub we can recommend. It costs more than double the price of the Nest Mini, but all it delivers is better sound quality. If you prefer higher quality audio then you should go for this, but don’t expect audiophile sound quality from this device anyway. But if you’re getting the Nest Audio because you have a big room, buy two Nest Minis and use it in stereo mode.

While the Nest Hub Max is Google Nest’s most expensive smart hub at $174, it makes perfect sense if you’re a family of four or more. The larger screen and built-in camera can also serve as your family’s central message and communication board. It’s also a great device if you plan on using it as a central video phone that everyone in your house can use.

A Google Nest for every room in your house

With that, you can now choose the best Google Nest for your home. And while many would start with just one smart speaker, if you want to control your smart devices from anywhere in your home, it makes sense to have a Google Nest smart hub in every room. This way you can control your entire house, even if you don’t have your phone with you.

If you’re planning on doing that, here’s the best Google Nest device for any room. The Google Nest Hub is suitable for bedrooms, while the Google Nest Hub Max fits well in the kitchen or dining room. Since the living room probably already has a TV, you can place a Google Nest Audio there (or two). And for the rest of the house, you place one Google Nest Mini in each room.

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