White collar revival is being discussed, reveals Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer reveals that a White collar Its reactivation is currently being discussed. The USA Network procedural from the late 2000s to mid-2010s followed Bomer’s con man Neal Caffrey teaming up with FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) to solve white-collar cases in New York. . Between the couple’s chemistry and the interesting premise, White collar built a loyal fan base over its nine seasons.

Talking with TV line In light of the release of his latest project, Travel companionsBomer shares that there is “legitimate conversations” about a resurgence despite Caffrey’s fate at the end of White collarnot to mention the passing of Willie Garson in 2022. For context, Garson played Mozzie, Caffrey’s trusted accomplice., who played an integral role in his arc on the show. Read Bomer’s full quote below:

There has been talking. It’s actually a very legitimate conversation, it’s a conversation… a lot of things need to fall into place, but at least there’s a plan in place, so we’ll see what happens.

[Regarding Garson’s passing] Obviously, that’s the first thing that came to mind, but I felt that what [creator] Jeff Eastin introduced [star] Timo [DeKay] and I honor what he contributed to how and I honor him as a person. There’s no way I’d get involved with it again if I didn’t. So I think it’s a way for him to, in some way, still be a part of the show.

What the white collar renaissance is all about

In it White collar In the end, Burke was able to defeat the show’s latest villain, Matthew Keller, Caffrey’s fellow con artist and rival. However, throughout the entire ordeal, Keller fatally shot Caffrey in the chest, resulting in his presumed death. Neal was believed to be dead, until a year later, when it was revealed that he actually escaped to Paris. If he White collar What revival this story picks up is unclear, but it’s definitely a great launching pad for what comes next for Caffrey and Burke.

The instigating story of the White collar The revival may also be part of the show’s efforts to honor Garson. No one who backs down from dangerous situations, Mozzie may have found himself in a difficult situation that resulted in his death.. This leads Caffrey to contact Burke to find out who attacked his friend. Considering what Bomer has revealed about the project so far, this is possibly the best way to kick off the project. White collar Renaissance. Not only does Garson’s Mozzie incorporate into his narrative, but the narrative is also very compelling.

In the light of Suits‘recent dominance of streaming, White collar has a chance to become bigger than its original run through the upcoming revival. The two USA Network shows had many similarities, meaning audiences are primed for another fast-paced legal comedy-drama set in New York. Since it featured a fairly small core assembly, reassembling the White collar Casting for the revival can’t be that difficult either, assuming all their schedules line up.

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