Why Bluey’s Original 1-Minute Pilot Episode Never Aired

While bluish has become a beloved family show, the original super-short pilot never aired because initial viewers couldn’t predict it. bluish is an Australian animated television series about an energetic pup named Bluey Heeler. The animated series follows the main character and others bluish characters throughout various adventures. When the show premiered in October 2018, there was no way to predict that the series would become as popular as it has been in the years since.

the way to bluish Broadcasting on ABC Kids in 2018 began in 2016, when creator Joe Brumm conceived the idea for the series. Several pilot episodes of varying lengths were made and produced over the course of a few years leading up to the show’s debut. This included a lengthy development process that included a pilot that lasted just one minute. Brumm said The Hollywood Reporter about the unfortunate pilot who was “Very simple.” Despite the role that this pilot ultimately played in the decision to bluish To make it more substantial, that original episode has never been published and the reasoning is quite ironic.

The original Bluey pilot never aired because its audience was unclear

Was it for children or adults?

those not issued bluish pilot, who Brumm describes as a “absurd little sketch”, people confused because it was not clear who It was intended. “It was going to be a child’s thing” Brumm explained: “And then we didn’t get much traction with the pilot because it was a little difficult for people to see what it would be…“It wasn’t shown around, but I don’t think people knew what to do with it,” he continued. “They say, ‘Look, this breaks all the S&P standards.’ (referring to Standards and Practices) rules. Is this for children? Is this for adults?'”

Unfortunately, these concerns about not being able to limit itself to a target audience meant that this original bluish The pilot never appeared on viewers’ screens. When this original pilot was unsuccessful, Brumm wrote a script for a cartoon aimed at adults, which he describes as “an R-rated Peppa Pig.” Finally, the “back to preschool” reviewing Bluish. While it may have been a work in progress, Brumm knew bluish He had potential from the beginning. “He needed to develop” he said, “but the seed was there!”

Bluey’s unaired pilot teased what makes the show so great

Bluey’s target audience is everyone

Bluey The Weekend Chilli with Bluey and Bingo

Ironically, initial concerns about bluish Not catering to a specific audience is exactly what you ended up doing. bluish so special; children and adults can and enjoy bluish. Brumm noted that when he set out to do bluish, He felt there was room within preschool television that could be beneficial and enjoyable for parents and children alike. He said, “There were programs like that in older demographic groups, but they were a little few in the preschool stage, and I thought that this is probably where you need it the most because you end up seeing a batch of it.”

Clearly, Brumm was right, as the Emmy-winning series remains the number one children’s show across all age groups in Australia and is consistently one of the top 10 most-streamed shows in the US in 2023 (via Variety). The 3 seasons of bluish are available to stream on Disney+. While there is no official release date for bluish season 4, the beloved blue puppy and his family will definitely return.

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