‘Why bother taking and using your PTO in the first place?’: Employee says taking PTO is more work, leading to discussion

'Why bother taking and using your PTO in the first


If you’re a working person, you’ve probably experienced the anxiety associated with applying for paid time off (PTO), and chances are you’re not alone.

In a recent videoTikToker told @allthingskal that the fear associated with applying for a PTO was something she was not prepared for in business.

“Because you know when you come back you’re going to get a ton of emails, people are going to need you because they can’t do their job when you’re gone,” @allthingskal said. “So why bother taking and using your PTO at all?”

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@allthingskal said it’s likely people will be forced to do one of two things: work while taking the PTO or be a “basket all the time and so your PTO time is ruined.”

In the comments section, @allthingskal revealed that she had left the corporate world “and never looked back”.

“The number of people who struggle with [PTO] is insane…Take your PTO and forget the rest!”

More than half of Americans, about 55%, do not use their full paid time off, according to the US Travel Association. In the US, it is not necessarily a requirement that jobs provide paid leave, under the Fair Labor Standards Actbut the PTO policy does vary by industry and how long an employee has worked at a particular job.

One person in the comments section argued that the fear surrounding PTO is why some people are “quietly quitting” their jobs, to which @allthingskal replied: “silently quitting is really just a fancy term for the job you were hired for and nothing more. Should always be the standard.”

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Others in the comments said they were dealing with guilt about taking PTO.

“I’m struggling with this now. I just took two weeks off for my destination wedding and worry almost every day about how behind I will be,” said one commenter.

On the other hand, some just reiterated that a job where you can’t take time for yourself is not worth it.

“Girl, I don’t let work pressure me,” said another commenter. “It will be done when it is ready. I have enough stress outside of work lol. These jobs don’t care about us.”

The News All Day has reached out to @allthingskal via TikTok comment.