“Why don’t you suffer?”: Explanation of Hawk’s chilling words in episode 4 of Travel Companions

Travel companions In episode 4, Hawk Fuller (Matt Bomer) broke his professional character to send a chilling message to Miss Addison. Throughout the first four episodes of the Showtime series, Hawk has consistently maintained his cool and affable demeanor as a bureaucrat working in the US State Department during the Lavender Scare of the 1950s. Hawk finds himself challenged in new and extremely risky ways in Travel companions episode 4 after discovering that received a summons to appear before the famous Unit Ma specialized group of interrogators that aimed to eliminate all “subversives” and “deviants” from the United States federal government.

Hawk is unusually aggressive in his response to the subpoena, considering how careful he is to avoid detection until that point in time. Travel companions episode 4. Fortunately, he was able to keep the subpoena a secret thanks to the help of Mary Johnson (, one of his trusted assistants. Hawk had previously helped Mary after his ex-girlfriend received the terrifying letter in a light blue envelope., so I knew Mary could be trusted. As for her other assistant, Miss Addison, Hawk had evidently misjudged her after finding out that she was the one who reported him in the first place.

Hawk tells Miss Addison to suffer after finding out she reported him

Hawk has very choice words for Miss Addison after discovering her betrayal, aggressively approaching her at the office Christmas party and saying: “You’re right, Miss Addison. I’m wonderful. So why don’t you suffer?” Under normal circumstances, Hawk probably wouldn’t have been so direct in his response, as Miss Addison could have used his threatening words against him in an attempt to further defame him. Miss Addison reveals that she had seen Tim’s handwritten inscription in the book she had given to Hawk in Travel companions episode 1, which was enough for her to report her boss to Unit M.

Hawk’s words are clearly aggressive and threatening, but in a roundabout way that makes it unclear exactly how he will handle Miss Addison’s employment in the future. Nor is it the first time in Travel companions episode 4 in which Hawk responds with a bite in a way that gets him into trouble. During his first interview with Unit M interrogator Fred Treband, Hawk appears to have passed the test when he decides to bring up the recent death by suicide of one of the government employees who lost his job as a result of the Unit’s investigation. M. Before these two moments in episode 4, Hawk would never have dared to cross that line and arouse suspicion. but his anger was too great in these cases to hide.

Why Hawk breaks his professional image to fight back in Travel Companions, episode 4

Hawk receives a summons in episode 4 of Fellow Travelers

Hawk slightly breaks his professional image in front of Miss Addison and Fred Treband to subtly push back against the two people who are effectively putting his life and career against a wall. Hawk told Miss Addison to suffer with the intention of making her feel bad about herself., as if to rub in his face the fact that she couldn’t be him or something like that. His subtle aggression towards Fred Treband gets him a second interview with a polygraph test, which Hawk is very lucky to have escaped. These cases show that Hawk is able to defend his true beliefs and reveal his hidden hatred towards people like Miss Addison and Fred Treband in Travel companions.

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