Why Tanjiro’s scar changes shape in Demon Slayer

Murderer of demons presents a subtle question to viewers in the form of what appears to be a scar on Tanjiro’s head, which transforms in season 1 into another mark entirely. Unlike the evolution of Tanjiro’s physical abilities, which are routinely explained throughout the series, Tanjiro’s mark is not fully addressed. However, he should gain more clarification and importance in the upcoming arcs of the anime.

So how did Tanjiro get his scar? Initially, it is explained as an injury he received as a result of saving his brother from a boiling kettle. As such, the fact that his scar changes in episode 4 after being slammed into a tree by the Hand Demon would mean that the mark changes because this incident makes the scar worse, as blood is shown dripping from this spot. .

But this doesn’t make sense either visually or logically. The burn scar would not become a line of scars from Tanjiro’s broken mask, nor would it change the surface of him. It also wouldn’t make sense for a scar to become more scarred.

The manga delves into Demon Slayer’s Tanjiro brand

Murderer of demons Chapter 129

Tanjirou wielding his katana in Demon Slayer season 2

Instead, it is worth considering that Tanjiro’s mark was never a scar., and instead was always a Demon Slayer Mark, somewhat similar to the marks seen on various demons in the series. These denote significant power in those marked with them, although for demons this power is often obtained by means other than their own, such as receiving any amount of blood from Muzan Kibutsuji. In the show, Tanjiro’s father, Tanjuro, is shown with the exact same “scar” on his head as his son, and it seems unlikely that the explanation for this is that they both had the exact same scarring incident with a boiling kettle. . As such, it is clear that this is an inherited trait.

With this in mind, his battle against the Hand Demon makes more sense, as this is the first truly powerful demon Tanjiro has fought. Murderer of demons – even if it pales in comparison to its later opponents. In the manga, much more light is shed on Tanjiro’s Mark, especially when explaining how the Mark manifests. Chapter 129 reveals that the Mark appears in those whose bodies undergo specific superhuman circumstances: their heart rate reaches or exceeds 200 BPM and their body temperature reaches or exceeds 39 degrees Celsius. This would perfectly explain why the incident with the teapot triggered the Mark of Tanjiro, as both the temperature of the teapot and the increased heart rate caused by worry for his brother (and pain) would likely result in both being fulfilled. circumstances.

Why Tanjiro’s scar didn’t change Murderer of demons Season 3

Tanjiro looks surprised at Demon Slayer.

Murderer of demons Season 3 followed the manga’s next story, Swordsmith Village Arc. In it, Tanjiro works with two Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji and Muichiro Tokito, as well as Genya Shinazugawa to protect the village from attacks by the Upper Six demons. While Tanjiro definitely faced some dangerous opponents, his scar remained more or less the same as it did before the Swordsmith Village arc. Instead, fans got the chance to see Tokito develop his own Demon Slayer mark, thus introducing the question of what these marks are and setting up Tanjiro to finally receive information about them in season 4.

Ought Murderer of demons Season 4 and beyond continue to follow in the footsteps of the original manga’s plot, not only will this become more evident, but the Mark will become a much more important aspect of the plot for several reasons. For now, however, it’s worth noting that it’s more important than just a scar to look good, like Murderer of demonsVisual appeal and attention to plot details tend to go hand in hand.

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