“You did it right”: Thanos admits he respects a Shock Thunderbolts hero

An underrated hero who redefined himself through the Thunderbolts just won Thanos I respect. That hero is Genis-Vell, son of the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell. He is perhaps best known for his time as the third Captain Marvel, during which he merged with Rick Jones, before becoming his own man as a member of the Thunderbolts.

Now, he forms an unexpected team with Thanos in Silver Surfer: Legacy of Renaissance #3 by Ron Marz, Ron Lim, Don Ho, Rómulo Fajardo Jr, VC’s Joe Sabino, Noah Sharma, Darren Shan and CB Cebulski. The team surprises even the Mad Titan himself, who at the end of the battle gives praise where it is due to Mar-Vell’s son.

And when it comes to Genis-Vell, when a man like Thanos is hard to please, the compliment resonates even more.

Thanos respects Genis-Vell

Genis-Vell and Thanos vs Black Matter version of Silver Surfer-2

The Black Surfer resurfaces, after debuting for the first time during the Thanos wins Arc as a future version of Silver Surfer who has been corrupted by Black Matter. Silver Surfer and Thanos reluctantly team up to confront him. When the current Surfer disappears in an attempt to save Genis-Vell’s life, the former Captain Marvel essentially springs into action, knocking Thor’s hammer out of the Black Surfer’s hand. Genis-Vell struggles to lift Mjölnir himself, but Thanos assures him that it won’t be necessary because this fight is about “Brute force.” With their combined raw power, Thanos and Genis-Vell manage to erase the Moonfallen.

Genis-Vell makes a living in the Marvel Universe

Thanos congratulates Genis-Vell

This is far from the first time the two have met, as Thanos once specifically recruited Genis-Vell, but it highlights why Thanos’ respect for Genis-Vell continues to grow. Genis-Vell is one of the most underrated and possibly overlooked heroes in the Marvel Universe. It’s easy for some readers to forget her time as Captain Marvel, as Genis-Vell certainly sits awkwardly in the history books among more notable names like her father and, of course, Carol Danvers, names that are more widely recognized by have the Captain. Marvel brand name attached to them.

However, with this team and co-signed by Thanos, Genis-Vell now stands out in a league of his own. Thanos not only praises him, but compares him to his father, Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel. For someone whose time with the Captain Marvel mantle may be largely forgotten by Marvel’s larger fan base, being compared to his father in that regard solidifies that he should be ranked in higher tiers of Marvel Comics than he would otherwise be. which really is. In just a moment, Thanos legitimizes Mar-Vell’s son, simultaneously showing how Genis-Vell is emerging as the hero he is destined to be.

Silver Surfer: Legacy of Renaissance #3 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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