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18 Round Garden Designs to Craft Your Dreamy Outdoor Escape

Crafting a round garden is an art that blends functionality and aesthetics seamlessly. These captivating designs offer a visually appealing oasis, providing an excellent viewing experience from any angle. Prepare to be inspired by our curated collection of 20 round garden ideas that will transform your outdoor space into a true masterpiece. Explore the endless possibilities and let your creativity soar!

1. Circular Stone Paving

Stone pavings are a brilliant choice for creating distinct curved edges that serve as striking focal points. In this design, large stone slabs form a round paving pattern for the circular garden. Plants are strategically placed to define the borders, while the combination of stone paving and gravel dominates the yard’s aesthetic.

2. Round up the Patio


A patio is the perfect spot to unwind on a warm summer day, and a touch of greenery can make the space even more inviting. This design features a round garden embracing a patio area, with potted plants adding an extra layer of charm. By combining elements like grass, bushes, flowers, and paving stones, the garden exudes an attractive and well-knit, rounded appeal.

3. Simple Green Patches


Sometimes, simplicity is the key to creating a truly captivating round garden design. This lush green oasis features two round green patches adorned with ornamental grasses, adding a contemporary flair to the overall aesthetic. These patches not only open up the garden but also provide versatile spaces for playtime or social gatherings.

Keep reading to discover more inspiring round garden ideas that will elevate your outdoor haven!

4. Cottage Round Gardens


Embrace the informal charm of a cottage garden by incorporating an array of vibrant flowers into your round design. The circular pattern in this floral garden acts as a walkway and chill-out spot, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. Experiment with various centerpieces, like a simple stone feature or a soothing water element.

5. Embrace the Curves


Even irregular spaces can be transformed into stunning round garden designs with the right approach. This design employs curved patterns to embrace the yard’s unique shape. Two large green patches with ornamental grass anchor the space, while the linear boundaries create a sense of expansiveness. The patios wrapped around the pattern and the outer plants add symmetry and visual interest.

6. Zen Round Rock Garden


Discover the tranquility of a Zen-inspired round rock garden. In this breathtaking design, the circular rock pattern features a log as a centerpiece, surrounded by soft river stones and gravel. Round manicured bushes on the perimeter complement the circular flair, creating a harmonious and serene outdoor sanctuary.

Don’t stop now! There are more captivating round garden ideas awaiting your exploration.

7. Round it Up with Stepping Stones


Pavers and stepping stones are perfect for creating a well-rounded garden design. In this paved garden, stepping stones form the path leading to the round garden and act as part of the border. The addition of white river stones within the circular space adds visual interest, while well-trimmed edges enhance the overall aesthetic.

8. Well Defined Edges


When designing well-rounded functional spaces, defining the edges is crucial for both visual appeal and ease of maintenance. In this design, bricks outline the yard’s perimeter, creating a functional area suitable for various outdoor events. Multiple plants further elevate the garden’s overall aesthetic.

9. Inside and Outside Flair

Who says you have to limit your design within a single circle? This round garden features plants both inside and outside the circular pattern. Gravel paving covers the tropical plants within the circle, while the outer layer showcases an array of terrestrial beauties. This approach allows you to experiment with different plant varieties in both layers.

By now, you’ve been captivated by the endless possibilities that round garden designs offer. Embrace these stunning ideas and transform your outdoor haven into a true oasis, where beauty and functionality intertwine seamlessly.

10. Incorporate Raised Gardens


Landscape and garden planning on uneven terrain can be challenging, but a combination of round and raised gardens can create a remarkable design. In this modern patio, the owners have embraced the yard’s shape with round gardens and incorporated raised gardens to accommodate the terrain’s slopes. A harmonious blend of lawns, outdoor plants, and floor beds creates a visually captivating space for visitors.

11. Contrasting Paving


While simplicity is essential in round garden designs, utilizing a single material can sometimes feel uninspired. Contrasting materials are the key to creating visual interest that will highlight the shapes and elevate the overall aesthetic. This design combines brick, stones, and gravel, contrasting the space beautifully, while plants in the raised garden add an extra layer of intrigue.

12. Go for a Circular Deck


A garden is the perfect place to entertain guests outdoors, and a circular deck may be the ideal venue. Not only does it serve as a striking focal point for gatherings, but it also creates a sense of spaciousness in your garden. Elevate the deck on a sturdy timber framework and create neat outer edges using a stainless-steel strip for a polished look.

13. A Cascading Deck


Creativity knows no bounds with this circular cascading deck style. The design incorporates potted plants to infuse greenery and vibrancy. By utilizing a multi-level deck, you gain ample room to showcase your potted plant collection, creating a truly captivating outdoor space.

14. Create an Outdoor Chill-out Spot


Round gardens and chill-out spots need not occupy a vast area. Adding a circular seating area to a hidden yard corner is a simple yet effective way to create an outdoor retreat far from the main house or patio. This design features a circular patio with a fire pit and a water feature, adding beauty and dramatic flair to the secluded space.

15. Semi Circular Flair


Limited or uneven spaces should not hinder you from trying round garden designs. This small garden incorporates a semi-circular patch and a petite patio, showcasing how even modest areas can be transformed into charming outdoor havens. The addition of flowering plants complements the space beautifully.

16. Simple Contemporary Style


A garden need not be overly complex or sophisticated to captivate. In this contemporary-style home, a simple garden with a few well-placed plants creates a tranquil and relaxed outdoor spot. The stone patio is complemented by a simple oval garden with a well-manicured yard, while plants incorporated between the wall and the patio add depth and interest.

17. Embrace the Slope


For sloping terrains, most people opt for raised gardens, but this design takes the concept of round gardens to new heights with a spiral garden design. The spiral slope creates a well-defined seating area on the inside, featuring a small flower garden and a lawn, while the outer area of the spiral also serves as a garden space, seamlessly integrating with the terrain.

18. Sweeping Lines


A circular patio is an ideal seating area and a fantastic way to landscape a sloping garden. This patio design provides homeowners with a flexible leisure area perfect for entertaining, while the surrounding garden adds a wow factor to the overall aesthetic. Elevating the wooden deck minimizes the risk of damage from pests like termites.

By now, you’ve been captivated by the endless possibilities that round garden designs offer. Embrace these stunning ideas and transform your outdoor haven into a true oasis, where beauty and functionality intertwine seamlessly. Prepare to be inspired and let your creativity flow!

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